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Replica at Stages Theatre

You have three months to live before succumbing to a terminal illness. Would you create a Replica of yourself, meaning your spouse and young children could continue to live their lives with “you” still in it?

The new play Replica asks viewers to consider this immense moral question, along with several other ethical dilemmas. What are memories, exactly, and how do they shape who we are? Is it more important to know the truth, or know what you believe is the truth?

The actors keep the audience guessing and thinking, wondering what turn and twist will come next. Like any good science fiction story, the pros and cons of new and rapidly advancing technology are explored through complex characters. Ultimately, it’s up to the viewer to decide what’s right and wrong, and where their own moral line is.

Twins Janna and Julia Cardia star as the woman and the Replica. I really felt the twin chemistry these two have – they are comfortable with each other yet at odds with each other, and a delight to watch when they are both present on the stage. The doctor had some great one liners and helped serve as a guide throughout the play.

The real standout of this show, however, was the stage. The clean, modern lines, bright lighting, and futuristic color scheme of silvers and greys set a perfect backdrop for the tone and mood. The stage adds an immersive experience that allows the audience to live in and experience the science fiction world as opposed to just reading about it. As a writer, this play encouraged me to think more about my setting and how it impacts my stories. Replica also inspired me to study playwriting.  Since the show, I’ve been working my way through Geek Theatre.

Andrew and I had a lovely time on Saturday at the world premier of Replica. It was our first time at Stages Repertory Theater, and we really enjoyed the experience! We stopped by Pass and Provisions afterwards and discussed the play at length over fancy cocktails. Overall, it was a lovely Houston evening.

I would love to see more SciFi plays! Drop me a line if you have a favorite.

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