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Houston Shakespeare Festival

Looking for the perfect way to spend a summer night in Houston? Make an evening of attending 

Houston’s 44th Annual Shakespeare Festival, running July 28th  to August 5th at Hermann Park’s Miller Outdoor Theater. Since the Festival’s inception in 1975, more than a million theatergoers have attended the free performances.

Start your night off with a quick bite and a glass of wine or beer at The Pinewood Cafe. This casual cafe offers fresh salads, made-to-order sandwiches, and grilled burgers that all make for a light summer meal. Andrew and I love enjoying a St. Arnold’s Summer Pils on the patio as we take in the views of the lake and people-watch.

From Pinewood Cafe, walk to the Miller Outdoor Theater. You can bring your camping chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets and camp out on the lawn, or you can become a patron to secure seats under the pavilion. The performances begin at 8:15, but get there early to secure a prime spot.

In the mood for drama? Hamlet runs July 27, 29, 31 and August 2, 4. Watch as the iconic young prince grapples with a ghost, court corruption, and family drama.

Looking for a good laugh? Comedy of Errors runs July 28, August 1, 3, 5. Two sets of twins are separated at birth until all four unknowingly converge in Ephesus. Wrongful allegations, seductions and arrests ensue! Be prepared for puns, wordplay, and original slapstick comedy.

Festival Insider Tips

  1. It’s going to be HOT. Dress in cool, comfortable, clothing. Athletic wear is fine, as the event is extremely casual.

  2. You’re going to sweat. Bring a cooler full of ice and some towels to help cool down.

  3. DO NOT BRING RED WINE AND CHEESE. It’s way too hot to drink red wine and your cheese will melt. Instead, fresh fruit, mixed nuts, and cold drinks are the best.

  4. Bring bug spray.

  5. Bring the kids. They can roll down the hill if they get bored.

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