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Book Review- The Ultimate Authorship Planner

I just finished my most productive month of writing – ever! In July I made one of the best investments in my writing career and purchased The Ultimate Authorship Planner.

I’ve spent years taking writing craft classes and participating in critique groups. I’m ready to level up, to view writing as a career. So last month I decided it was time to get organized and to set some big  goals.

Where do we turn for organization help? Planners! But I’ve wasted way too much money on planners that I stop using after a month or two. I tried and failed at bullet journaling. I couldn’t find a way to marry my writing goals with concrete writing plans.

Enter: Audrey Hughey. I’d been following Audrey, the author of the Ultimate Authorship Planner, for a while in her free online Facebook group, Sprints and Spirits. I was impressed by her candor, her marketing expertise, and her positive demeanor.

When she launched her planner, I took the plunge, especially motivated by the fact that I would get a free month in her online group, the Author Transformation Alliance (ATA). The ATA is an online FB group + a website with dozens of master classes and resources for writers.

It’s one month in, and here are my results:

  1. Completed Short Story #1-  revised, and submitted lit journals

  2. Completed Short Story  #2 and submitted to lit journals

  3. Started a new Instagram account with 200 followers

But most importantly

  1. completed the draft of my Urban Fantasy novel AND had it critiqued by my critique group!

I’ve been working on this novel since 2012 so it feels AMAZING to have a draft done. I know where I need to go with revision and am ready to rock.

I may have accomplished just one or two of these things before my planner. But lemme be clear-  it’s not just about checking things off your writing task list. The planner walks you through a lot of visioning activities and intensive goal setting. It’s easy to plan your weeks and months because you have a clear picture of where you’re going.

I now feel like writing has become a stronger focus of my life, which is what I always wanted. I’m a writer, as opposed to a person who writers when they have time.

If you have any questions about organizational skills, goal setting, or planning lemme know- drop me an email or comment below.

To buy the planner (message me if you buy it- I will forward to Audrey so you can get a free month in ATA- it’s an awesome perk):

20% Off the perfect-bound at Amazon – From $29.99, now $23.99 (check to see if the deal is still on).

30% Off the coil-bound at LuLu – From $39.95, now $27.97 with code (FIFTEEN)

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