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2019 Writing Publications

It can be difficult for many writers, myself included, to create a roundup of writing accomplishments. For me, I’m always thinking I could do better and pondering about the next project. So, to close out 2019, I’m using this space and time to change my thinking and celebrate success, as I don’t do it enough, and I wish my fellow writer friends would do it more as well. I particularly love Cat Rambo’s focus on sharing the community’s work, and Holly Walrath, who is the #1 fan of all writers trying to put their best work out there.

2019 brought me my first two pro publications, meaning for the first time, I have awards-eligible pieces. These came after years of participating in a core critique group, taking writing classes, and being persistent with submissions. I’ll write another post on the most specific strategies that worked for me – be on the lookout!

The first piece, The Alien in 36 B, appeared in Daily Science Fiction in January 2019.

The second piece, A Martian Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Gravity Chamber, appeared in Fireside Fiction in February of 2019.

On another cool note, this month the Arcanist podcasted my short story, The View from Mars. I love the narration!

It’s time for 2019 to closeout! Let’s get ready for a new decade of playing with words and having fun.

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